Hi, I’m Dawn

I began my entrepreneurial career as a veterinarian specializing in racehorses

As a vet, I focused on helping my clients get peak performance from their horses. The name of my business, “Productive Pressure™,” came from finding the sweet spot: enough pressure to get fast - but not too much, so as to avoid injury.

As a business owner, I helped our practice grow to multiple seven figures, join forces with other practices, and eventually be acquired by a large aggregator.

Along the way, I earned an MBA and worked with 100s of business owners. I spent hours poring over P&Ls and balance sheets.

I discovered that regardless of geography or size, all business owners had similar challenges and were making the same types of mistakes.

This Is What I Believe...

This Is What I Believe...

  • Business should be fun - it you’re going to do it, you might as well have a good time!
  • The key to peak performance is energy management, not time management (and pressure is your friend!)
  • Your business should give you freedom, financial independence, and purpose.
  • The goal should be work-life integration, not work-life balance-create a life & business you don’t need a break from.
  • You shouldn’t go it alone. Every business owner needs expert support and a personal board of advisors.
  • Doing nothing IS a decision. Will it lead you where you want to go?
  • It’s possible to bounce back from burnout and get back to being your badass self.

I Learned It The Hard Way.
I’m Offering You An Easier Alternative.

My Business Freedom Accelerator™ framework is the shortcut. The things I wish I’d known when I started. The tools and practices that lead to a better business and a happier life.

  • The 10% of my MBA education that made 100% of the difference.
  • The hard lessons I learned from burning out.
  • The insights I gained about achieving peak performance from working with racehorses.

I designed the Business Freedom Accelerator™ for *ambitious* business owners who want more freedom, more money, more fulfillment.

My best clients began their business journey wanting to achieve BIG goals. To reach their potential. To be successful.

In many ways, they achieved what they set out to do - but at too high a cost. Overworking and on the road to burnout. Sacrificing their life outside of work.

It doesn't have to be that way!

What Is “Productive Pressure™”?

In any athletic endeavor, there is a balancing act between applying enough pressure to improve fitness and reach maximal potential, without applying so much stress that it causes physical or psychological damage.

I’ve seen what happens when animals and humans are pushed past the brink.

I have also seen talent wasted because insufficient pressure was applied.

The sweet spot is in the middle: sufficient pressure to crush your big business goals - but not too much, so you avoid burning out.


Dawn Bloomer Official Bio

Dr. Dawn Bloomer is a professional business strategist and consultant specializing in helping professionals and entrepreneurs leverage their strengths to achieve sustainable peak performance.

With over 20 years of experience in veterinary practice and entrepreneurship, including business development, talent recruitment and retention, mergers and acquisitions, and exit strategies, Dawn brings her unique perspective to her clients’ challenges.

Education and Certifications

Education and Certifications

  • DVM - Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, University of Guelph
  • MBA - Master of Business Administration, Colorado State University
  • Medical Acupuncture for Veterinarians, Colorado State University
  • CPLD - Certified Professional in Leadership Development, GAPLD
  • CPBC - Certified Professional Business Coach, PBCA
  • Certified Extended DISC Trainer
Areas of Expertise

If I were assembling a team for *anything* -
I would want Dawn on it


Dawn and I worked together while growing a group of veterinary practices. We were engaged in acquiring additional practices to add to our group. This meant that we needed to find these practices, develop relationships with the practice owners, then eventually purchase them.

I have never seen anyone connect and build relationships as easily and quickly as Dawn does. She’s vulnerable, transparent, and honest. She’s positive and uplifting, but she’ll tell you the negative side as well — she doesn’t just blow sunshine!

She’s also smart, great with technology, and because she’s an MBA she understands business exceptionally well.

Dawn is real and authentic. What you see is what you get. She lights up a room.

If I were assembling a team for ‘anything’ - I would want Dawn on it. She figures out what needs to be done — then she makes it happen. Nothing is too good for her to take on. She is reliable, dependable, and will go the extra mile.

Leann K.

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