Ready to ditch the daily grind and finally get the business you dreamed of when you started?

Business Freedom Accelerator
is the #1 strategy for freeing your time and building a valuable, sustainable business

There is a reason why you landed here today and it's because you still haven't "cracked the code" to successfully freeing yourself from your business.

Do any of these sound like you?

You’re worn out and exhausted.

You find yourself constantly running on empty, struggling to balance the demands of your business, your personal life, and your well-being.

Burnout and overwhelm have become an all too familiar companion, leaving you feeling exhausted, emotionally drained, and questioning if it's all worth it.

You dream about being able to take weekends off and go on a real vacation.

Delegation seems like a chore.

You pride yourself on being hands-on and taking control of every aspect of your business.

But deep down, you know that this approach is holding you back. You find it challenging to trust others to handle important tasks, fearing that they won't meet your high standards or understand your vision as well as you do.

You wish you could drop your control freak tendencies and let others do the work.

Building and managing teams is a struggle.

You often find yourself caught in the middle of your team, trying to keep everyone motivated and aligned with your business's vision while dealing with individual egos and differing opinions.

It seems like an uphill battle to manage the dynamics, resolve conflicts, and foster a positive work environment.

You dream about having a high-performing team that could handle things without you.

Work has taken over your life.

The very success you've worked so hard for has taken its toll on your work-life balance.

You’re bogged down with long working hours, constant client demands, and the pressure to deliver results.

Being "the boss" has left you feeling exhausted and disconnected from the things that truly matter.

More than anything else, you'd like to get your life back...without giving up the income your business brings you.

Ready to truly enjoy the fruits of your labor?

You need to transform your business systems before you can get the freedom you're looking for.

Congratulations! You're in the right place!

Business Freedom Accelerator delivers life-changing results.


How Business Freedom Accelerator

Helped an Architect go from "burned out" to "time freedom and energy"



When this business owner approached us, she had developed a very successful practice as a landscape architect.

Like many practice owners, she was overworked, overwhelmed, and wanted a break from her business.

She was tired of juggling multiple hats and trying to keep up with all the work herself - and the truth was that she was falling behind in important areas (like bookkeeping and accounting.)

She couldn’t afford to quit because the bills had to be paid.


We started off by analyzing what her desired outcome was. I helped her get clarity on her values, her strengths, and her zone of genius.

Next, we got clarity on her financial picture, hired a competent bookkeeper, and started collecting on outstanding accounts receivable.

Together, we created a strategic plan with an exit strategy, then set to work implementing systems and processes to free up her time, and hiring talent to keep doing tasks she was not particularly good at.


She freed up her time to take the RV trips she’d been dreaming about.

She freed up her energy to explore the bigger picture of her practice.

She increased the value of her business by no longer being at the center of it.

She started to explore the possibility of merging with another practice or hiring a younger architect to eventually take over the business. She has had discussions with several potential buyers.

Business Freedom Accelerator
is the #1 strategy for freeing your time and building a valuable, sustainable business

Shorten Your Learning Curve and Fast Track Your Success To “Hands-Off” Entrepreneurship

So What's Needed to Go From Where You Are Now to Where You Want to Be?

Design your next level strategy (Clarity System)


Clarify your vision and current reality (people, money, systems) to reverse engineer the path forward.

When you have Clarity:

  • You are starting with the end in mind. You have a succession plan and exit strategy in place. Whether you want to move on to your next adventure a year from now or in 10 years, you have a plan and you know the steps needed to make it happen.
  • You know how you're going to get there, and what you need to DO next.
  • Your work has meaning and you're excited about your business and your goals.
  • You find it easy to make (good) choices.
  • You understand your financial numbers and use them to make sound decisions.

Ignite your systems and team (Capacity System)


Power up your team & systems to remove yourself from the center of your business and create more time & money freedom.

Capacity looks like this:

  • You feel like your business has room to grow - you can welcome new business, feeling confident that your systems and team can handle it.
  • You have great systems and tech in place so that you feel organized and things run efficiently.
  • You have a high-performance team in place that can not only run the place without you - they're actively engaged in helping you make your business better.

Supercharge your impact (Command System)


Lead the business you always dreamed of and enjoy greater income all without sacrificing your freedom and flexibility.

Command looks like this:

  • You feel confident and in control of both your business and your life.
  • You are clear on who you are - your identity is no longer tied to your role. Everything you do is aligned with your values.
  • Your business no longer takes over your life - you feel comfortable setting boundaries.
  • You support and mentor your team, challenging them and providing feedback to help them grow.
  • You've found the "productive pressure zone" where you accomplish a lot without burning yourself out.

The Business Freedom Accelerator

Our Business Freedom Accelerator is a step-by-step framework designed to support the achievement of big goals without the damaging “hustle” that leads to burnout.

While the steps are universally applicable to ALL businesses, how they are implemented depends on you and your business.

The program will be 100% customized to your needs and goals.

We begin with a thorough assessment to find out exactly where you’re already doing well and where you need to focus in order to get to the next stage.

Then we take a structured approach to ensure progress - with a flexible agenda to make sure that we prioritize what YOU need along the way.


freedom wheel

Meet the founder and CEO

Dr. Dawn Bloomer

I built this company upon a passion of mine: supporting business owners worldwide to ignite their true potential so they can finally experience the financial abundance, time freedom, and lifestyle they truly deserve.

It all started from the hard lessons I learned while scaling my own business and creating a life-changing exit strategy for myself.

Since then, I've helped business owners grow to seven figures, negotiate mergers and acquisitions, and successfully exit their businesses - all while making or saving millions.

Using my reverse-engineered roadmap, you too can learn to remove yourself from the center of your business, make it more valuable for when you are ready to exit, and enjoy your life while working less.


How Business Freedom Accelerator™

Helped Turn a Business from Near Dissolution to A Multi-Million Dollar Exit



One of the founding owners of a practice was retiring from the business and wanted to be bought out.

The partners who were expected to buy the shares did not agree with terms laid out in the original shareholder agreement.

The remaining partners felt they wouldn’t have anyone to buy their shares when they eventually retired.

They were facing the possibility of having to work until they didn't want to/couldn't anymore and then dissolve the business and sell off the few assets they had.

It would have been like walking away from a cash printing machine because no one wanted to buy the ATM from them.


I established transparent communication and facilitated many difficult conversations.

I worked with the remaining stakeholders to lean out operations and clean up processes to clearly reflect the practice's value.

The partners were very motivated to create a forward thinking exit strategy for themselves. They did not have any associates who were interested in practice ownership, so I worked with a small aggregator to negotiate a deal and conduct the due diligence.

I made sure that every line of quickbooks and all of the contracts were reviewed thoroughly.

I also negotiated with the partners to get agreement to join the group.


The partners agreed on a settlement.

They merged the practice with a small aggregator.

I spearheaded the post-merger integration so there was as little disruption as possible.

They then sold the practice for for millions of dollars a few years later.


Business Freedom Accelerator is your ticket to financial and time freedom.

With two decades of experience, proven strategies, and successful case studies, I am dedicated to helping business owners unlock more freedom, more joy, and achieve greater wealth.

It's time to make a life-changing decision

Do you want to keep spinning your wheels and stay in the day-to-day grind for years or are you ready to experience the ultimate customized approach for developing business freedom?

Are you ready to get the support you know you need so that you can free yourself from business prison and build the successful business you've always dreamed of?

Ready to go from feeling burned out and exhausted to being in control?

Imagine if you could wave goodbye to constant stress, burnout, and fatigue while growing a business that makes you happy.

I’ve found an easier way to do business, maximize profit and value, lead teams and authentically build an impact.

It's your turn now!

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