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Dawn Bloomer Interview on the Dave Kittle Show

In this episode:

  • Dawn’s background: How Dawn pivots from veterinary practice to practice consulting and preparing practices for sale.
  • The challenges of selling a practice: Obstacles encountered when buying practices.
  • The importance of understanding the details of a deal: The creative ways a deal can be structured when considering exiting or selling their practice.
  • The value of having an advisor: The crucial moves in emphasizing, citing instances where the attempt to save money instead led to accruing stress and complications.
  • The different roles of practice owners: The challenges faced by professionals, includes having all knowledge, the spotlight, and especially the pressure of being the responsible authority.
  • Solo practitioners or businesses with a small team and their potential options for a successful and profitable exit.
  • The realization that many professionally profitable practice owners find: The insightful perspective on the difference between a profitable business and a sellable one.
  • Long-term vision over short-term gains: How to step out of their comfort zones and explore options for exiting their practice in the most profitable way.

Watch below or listen here:

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Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/episode/43u4hBvlm5vvbKNJeovDVu?si=16-XpLoVQdmBZKtlA0fw0Q

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