Dawn Bloomer's crazypants journey from racehorse vet to business coach

"So how'd you get started? What's your background?"

It seems like such a simple question.

Yet, like many entrepreneurs, it was a bit of a winding road.

Here's my story.

What the heck do horses have to do with business coaching?

I spent 20 years as a vet specializing in racehorses.

My job was to help my clients get their thousand pound horses, on their spindly little legs, to run at as fast as they could around the racetrack without getting injured.

Without enough training, they would never get fit enough to run fast.

With too much training, they would get hurt.

Finding this middle ground was the origin of "Productive Pressure"

We needed to apply pressure in the right amounts over time to get the improvements we needed. Without overdoing it and having to stop.

Get this right and you achieve peak performance. (And win races.)

I learned (the hard way) that this same principle applies to humans.

While I carefully monitored the horses in my charge to ensure they stayed in the "Productive Pressure" zone - I didn't apply the same guidance to myself.

I worked too hard. I cared for myself too little. I got burned out.

Partially, this came from my ambitious nature. I had GOALS, dammit!

And partially it came from lack of business experience and knowledge.

Which brings me to the third part of my story.

My experience as a practice owner.

This "business thing" can't be that hard!

Here's my business highlights reel.

Trained as a vet.

Bought into a veterinary practice.

Discovered that the more we worked, the more money we made.

Yay success!

Realized that the hard work never ends and never (really) pays off. You need to keep running just to stay in the same place.

Boo burnout!

Figured there had to be a better way.

Enrolled in an MBA program. (That's what we doctors do...need to learn something? Get another degree!)

Got huge insights about how to run a business. Learned all the stuff they didn't teach us in vet school.

Used these insights to professionalize and grow the practice.

Merged our practice with 30 other practices and focused my MBA skills and education into mergers, acquisitions, and talent recruitment.

Helped grow the group of practices and position us to be acquired. (Exit planning FTW!)

Gained huge insights from interviewing 100s of practice owners and poring over stacks of P&Ls and balance sheets.

Got acquired by a huge aggregator.

Set for life.

Well...at least that's the fairytale version.

The non-fairytale version (complete with horse butts)

Work hard, make more money makes for a pithy quote. The reality of 16-hour days with my arm up a horse's butt is a bit less glamorous. And "burn out" is no joke.

MBA is 3 little letters. The lived experience? Hours and hours and hours of study WHILE working those crazy hours AND getting divorced AND moving AND raising 2 young kids AND taking my finals from 3 different hotel rooms.

Joining other practices? Being acquired? Much complexity. Many emotions. A ton of stress.

It's been a rollercoaster ride. Thrilling at times and terrifying at times.

  • I made mistakes I could have avoided.
  • I took the long way when a shortcut could get me there faster. (*cough* MBA)
  • I worked far too hard when working smarter was called for.

And along the way, I discovered that…

Every practice owner had the same challenges and were making the same collection of mistakes.

They don't teach business in veterinary school. Or in psychology school. Or dental school.

Instead, we learn a professional trade.

Then we trade our time for money. Either as an employee or as a practice owner.

This is enough to get to a certain level of success.

Working harder often leads to making more money (but not always.)

Without the business skills and perspective (it's really a different way of *thinking*) we reach a ceiling that feels like a trap.

We can't break through to the next level. We're stuck where we are. On the treadmill to burnout.

Until we recognize the truth in Marshall Goldsmith's quote: "What got you here won't get you there."

And we learn a new way.

I learned it the hard way. I'm offering you an easier alternative.

I've taken my education and my direct experience and my work with 100s of practice owners and used this to develop my 9-step model.

It's the shortcut. The things I wish I'd known when I started. The tools and practices that lead to a better business and a happier life.

  • The 10% of my MBA education that made 100% of the difference.
  • The hard lessons I learned from burning out.
  • My insights from working with horses to attain peak performance.

I designed it for *ambitious* business owners who want what they believed business would give them: more freedom, more money, more fulfillment.

And who want to win. To achieve BIG goals. To reach their potential. To be a "success" (in whatever way "success" looks like to you.)

Without burning out or completely sacrificing life outside of work.

If any of this sounds like you, I would love to connect with you.

We can have a brief chat to see if we hit it off <link here> or we can get straight to business with a Freedom Session.