Ready to ditch the daily grind and finally get the business you dreamed of when you started?

I help my clients make more money,
free up their time, and build a valuable,
sustainable business

Most of the business owners I meet are suffering from one (or both) of these sydromes

Owner Overload

You're busy. All the responsibility is on your shoulders.

You may love what you do - and be making good money at it - but the overload leaves no time to think about the strategic choices that can take your business to the next level.

You dream about being able to take weekends off and go on a real vacation.

Profit Plateau

You're making good money - but you've stopped growing.

Additional revenue brings additional costs and complexity - leaving you where you started (but with additional overhead and responsibility weighing on you.)

You know (or at least hope) that there's a "next level" that will get you unstuck and moving up again.


What does this get you? All grind, no gain. Let's fix that...

The Secret to a Next Level Business:
Make it Self-Managing

To get your business to the next level, you need to do 2 things: decrease your time involvement - and make more money

The Self-Managing Business Framework is the fastest and simplest way to get there

Decrease Time Involvement

  • Decentralize: get yourself out of the middle of everything
  • Install Systems: to increase productivity, consistency, and to make it possible for other people to do things
  • Increase Productivity: make better use of the time you do put in

Make More Money

  • Increase Revenue: there are several levers you can pull for this
  • Lower Costs: systems and productivity will do some of this - but you also need to plug any leaks
  • Track Financials: create a feedback loop and progress dashboard to ensure you're heading in the right direction
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Let's look at an example of how this works


How Dawn helped an Architect escape Owner Overload and get to the Next Level by developing a Self-Managing Business

Struggle: Owner Overload

When this business owner approached us, she had developed a very successful practice as a landscape architect.

Like many business owners, she was overworked, overloaded, and wanted a break from her business.

She was tired of juggling multiple hats and trying to keep up with all the work herself - and the truth was that she was falling behind in important areas (like financial management.)

Solution: Self-Managed Business

We started off by analyzing what her desired outcome was. I helped her get clarity on her values, her strengths, and her zone of genius.

Next, we got clarity on her financial picture, hired a competent bookkeeper, and started collecting on outstanding accounts receivable.

Then we set to work implementing systems and processes to free up her time, and hiring talent to keep doing tasks she was not particularly good at.

Outcome: Time Freedom + Growth Options

She freed up her time to take the RV trips she’d been dreaming about.

She freed up her energy to explore the bigger picture of her business.

She increased the value of her business by no longer being at the center of it.

She started to explore the possibility of merging with another practice or hiring a younger architect to eventually take over the business. She has options!


Meet the founder and CEO

Dr. Dawn Bloomer

I built this company upon a passion of mine: supporting business owners worldwide to ignite their true potential so they can finally experience the financial abundance, time freedom, and lifestyle they truly deserve.

It all started from the hard lessons I learned while scaling my own business and creating a life-changing exit strategy for myself.

Since then, I've helped business owners grow to seven figures, negotiate mergers and acquisitions, and successfully exit their businesses - all while making or saving millions.

Using my reverse-engineered roadmap, you too can learn to remove yourself from the center of your business, make it more valuable for when you are ready to exit, and enjoy your life while working less.

Ready to get your ticket to financial and time freedom?

With decades of experience, proven strategies, and successful case studies, I am dedicated to helping business owners unlock more freedom and achieve greater wealth.

How We'll Work Together

My consulting process is patterned off the medical treatment system I used in my veterinary practice - the same system used by all medical practitioners.

It's called SOAP:

  • Subjective: what are the symptoms and observations?
  • Objective: what do the tests and diagnostics tell us?
  • Assessment: what's the underlying cause of the symptoms?
  • Plan: what's the best way to treat?

It's a proven formula - designed to very quickly get at the root of the problem, make an accurate diagnosis, and prescribe the best immediate course of action - while also looking to the longer term.

When applied to business, it means we take the most efficient and effective path forward. We aim for quick wins and build on them.


Triage Consultation

  • Where you want to go
  • Where you are now
  • What needs to happen next

SOAP Strategy

  • Conduct Assessments and Diagnostics
  • Identify Underlying Issues and Quick Wins
  • Create a 90-Day Sprint Action Plan

Implementation Sessions

  • Structured Agenda based on YOUR goals
  • Accountability: review + next steps
  • Deep dive support and problem-solving

Quarterly Review

  • Review progress and celebrate
  • Repeat SOAP strategy and determine goals and priorities for the next 90 days

It's time to make a life-changing decision

Do you want to keep spinning your wheels and stay in the day-to-day grind for years or are you ready to move to the next level - where you'll experience more time freedom and make more money?

Imagine if you could wave goodbye to Owner Overload and leave the Profit Plateau behind - while growing a business that makes you happy.

I’ve found an easier way to do business, maximize profit and value, and free up time for what really matters.

It's your turn now!

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