Testimonials for Dawn Bloomer and Productive Pressure Business Advisory Services

Dawn helped me develop a strategy and put operational components in place so that my business runs better


As a solo business owner, I sometimes feel overwhelmed with “all the hats I need to wear” & all the things I need to do. I feel like I have a lot of balls in the air, & I mostly just put my head down & work hard to avoid dropping any of them!

Dawn helped me develop a strategy and put operational components in place so that my business runs better.

By having a regular meeting with Dawn, I made a lot of progress. We got into a rhythm of working together.

  • We’d review what happened over the previous week.
  • She’d help me brainstorm ideas and possibilities for what should happen next.
  • We’d consider the options and choose the right steps for ME.
  • She’d provide my path for the week; tasks I could complete or people I should connect with - along with tools or documents to help me execute.

Dawn brought structure and an organized process. She would crystallize, distill and organize. I would execute. Each week’s work dove-tailed into the next and together we made progress quickly.

And yet, it wasn't a cookie cutter program. Everything we did was customized to me and my business. She has a great deal of sensitivity to whom she’s working with - she knows just the right resources and techniques to support me.

Dawn is authentic and genuine. She puts her heart and soul into her work.

I feel lucky to have the chance to work with her. If I could, I’d have her working alongside me everyday. She brings positive energy, reminds me of what I’m doing well, and generally creates a warm, encouraging, and safe environment that I can’t help but thrive in. I feel stronger with Dawn by my side.

Miriam R.

If I were assembling a team for *anything* -
I would want Dawn on it


Dawn and I worked together while growing a group of veterinary practices. We were engaged in acquiring additional practices to add to our group. This meant that we needed to find these practices, develop relationships with the practice owners, then eventually purchase them.

I have never seen anyone connect and build relationships as easily and quickly as Dawn does. She’s vulnerable, transparent, and honest. She’s positive and uplifting, but she’ll tell you the negative side as well — she doesn’t just blow sunshine!

She’s also smart, great with technology, and because she’s an MBA she understands business exceptionally well.

Dawn is real and authentic. What you see is what you get. She lights up a room.

If I were assembling a team for ‘anything’ - I would want Dawn on it. She figures out what needs to be done — then she makes it happen. Nothing is too good for her to take on. She is reliable, dependable, and will go the extra mile.

Leann K.

Dawn helped us create a business model, develop a sales machine, and improve our systems and operations


We weren’t doing business “wrong” before, but with Dawn’s help, we’re doing business BETTER.

I would describe Dawn as a shining star. She’s incredibly bright, compassionate, and grounded. She has an amazing ability to absorb my thoughts and ideas, to see into my heart, to bridge that with what makes sense for the business – and then to find what works best for ME.

In a team environment, she’s able to take a bunch of great ideas and perspectives from different people, find the commonality (we all want the same things!) and pull the pieces together so that we can go forward and be successful. She’s brought us together as a team. We’re taking action instead of just thinking about things.

It’s still early in the process, but I am excited about what we’re creating. I feel like we’re firing on all cylinders and that success is imminent.

Mark T.

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