the right kind of busy

The Right Kind of Busy: 7 Keys to Creating Impact with Your Time

Most business owners LIKE being busy.

We make things happen. We’re action takers.

When we’re not busy executing our plans – we’re busy thinking about new plans to execute!

We fill our schedules to the brim, juggling responsibilities and obligations, without a second to spare.

In large part, this is what makes us successful.

But here’s the truth: there’s a right kind of busy, and then there’s a not-so-right kind.

The right kind of busy leads to growth and freedom.

The not-so-right kind of busy leads to Owner Overload.

Owner Overload can happen even when you enjoy being busy.

You can be overloaded when you’re working on things you WANT to do.

You can be overloaded when you’re working on things that build value and make your business money.

And that overload can interfere with your growth.

If you want to grow, your goal is to be constantly moving yourself up the ladder, pulling yourself out of the fray so that you can have a bigger impact.

You can’t have a big impact if you’re the minion running around on the ground all the time.

So, let’s look at what it means to be TRULY productive.

Being productive is about doing the right things at the right time in the right way.

We’ve all got the same amount of time.

Isn’t it amazing that some people can accomplish so much more, make it look so easy, and still have time to do the things that matter to them outside of work?

While other people just look like they’re a Tasmanian devil – moving around all the time – but not really getting any more stuff done.

The difference is impact.

It doesn’t matter how many things you tick off your to-do list.

What matters is whether those things have impact.

People think productivity is about packing more into your day.

But true productivity comes from working on things (like strategy) that are at a high enough level that they create a domino effect that ripples through the business.

7 Keys to Creating Impact with Your Time

1. Arrange your schedule around energy, not time.

Start by getting some awareness of what you’re doing with your time.

Audit your time for a few days.

Where are you spending it?

How can you better use it?

Identify when YOU are at your best energy-wise and schedule that time for working “ON” your business instead of “IN” it.

2. Get rid of things you don’t want to do

Is your calendar filled with obligations that don’t bring you fulfillment?


Take responsibility for your choices and learn to say no to activities that don’t align with your values or goals.

Guard your time fiercely and focus on activities that bring you meaning and satisfaction.

3. Plan your day with purpose

Put together a thoughtful daily schedule so you stay focused and on track.

Identify your top priorities and goals for the day.

Then, organize your tasks based on their importance and the value they bring to your business.

By planning ahead and being intentional with your time, you’ll avoid the chaos of a disorganized day and make meaningful progress toward your objectives.

4. Optimize your workflow

Small tweaks can make a big difference.

We can lose a LOT of time to task switching costs.

Look for places in your schedule that you can block out for specific activities.

Group your appointments.

Hold regularly scheduled meetings with your staff instead of allowing them to interrupt you every time they need something or have a question.

5. Systematize your space

A clutter-free workspace can improve your efficiency and focus.

Arrange your tools and resources before diving into tasks.

By organizing your space and eliminating distractions, you’ll create an environment that supports your productivity and creativity.

6. Try single-tasking

Nobody’s good at multitasking. Period.

If you find yourself constantly juggling multiple tasks at once, it’s a sign that you’re spreading yourself too thin.

Instead, focus on one thing at a time to improve efficiency and mental clarity.

Try committing to single-tasking for a week and see the difference it makes.

Block out longer periods of time for focused work.

Turn off your phone.

Instruct your staff not to disturb you.

Focus on the deep work that really drives your business forward – including the strategic thinking time I mentioned earlier.

7. Take time off

Regular breaks are essential for recharging.

Prioritize rest by disconnecting from work during evenings, weekends, and vacations.

If you want a business that gives you time freedom, you need to practice being unavailable!

Ready to take your business to the next level?

Being busy all the time is a sign of success.

It’s also a sign that you are (or will be soon) on a growth plateau.

The next level is about working less, stressing less, and enjoying more.

To get there, you need a new way of thinking and a new way of operating.

If you’d like to break free sooner rather than later, I invite you to book a consultation with me.

It’s 30 minutes. It’s complimentary and confidential. We’ll make a plan to take your business to the next level.

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