Unlock Your Practice’s Full Potential: More Value, More Time, Better Exit.


Do you ever feel like running away from your business?

I work with successful practice owners who feel caught in the hamster wheel of doom.

The more you work, the more money you make.

This is great financially, but wreaks havoc with the rest of your life. (Ask me how I know.)

It also creates a "trap" where you're so busy and over-committed that you can't quit, can't take time off, can't have a minute to think.

It doesn't have to be this way.

If you're done "paying your dues" and are ready to start enjoying the freedom and wealth a successful practice can give you, I can help.

Ready to ditch the day-to-day grind and get your business working FOR you?

Getting out of this trap will require a different perspective and some new ways of thinking - NOT more work.

You have more options than you might think you do.

We help you:


Make More Money

Increase business value, revenue, and profitability.


Take Back Your Time

Set up your business so that it runs without your direct involvement.


Prepare to Exit

Plan and prepare for Exit via sale, succession, or employee purchase.

Meet Dawn

I began my entrepreneurial career as a veterinarian specializing in racehorses.

As a vet, I focused on helping my clients get peak performance from their horses. The name of my business, "Productive Pressure," came from finding the sweet spot: enough pressure to get fast - but not too much, so as to avoid injury.

As a business owner, I helped our practice grow to multiple seven figures, join forces with other practices, and eventually be acquired by a large aggregator.

Along the way, I earned an MBA, worked with 100s of practice owners, and burned myself out.

My mission as a strategic advisor is to use my education and experience to offer ambitious practice owners alternatives to working themselves into burnout - and a shortcut to reaching their goals.


What I offer: Strategic Advice, Succession Planning, and Exit Strategies

My Practice Freedom Accelerator™ framework is based on 9 steps that get you out of the rut you're in and onto the road to freedom (whatever that means to YOU) without the damaging "hustle" that leads to burnout.

Every business is different, so our advisory services aren't cookie-cutter. Instead, we offer a framework for success - a proven pathway that is fully customized for your business and designed to help you reach YOUR goals.

Dawn helped me develop a strategy and put operational components in place so that my business runs better


As a solo business owner, I sometimes feel overwhelmed with “all the hats I need to wear” & all the things I need to do. I feel like I have a lot of balls in the air, & I mostly just put my head down & work hard to avoid dropping any of them!

Dawn helped me develop a strategy and put operational components in place so that my business runs better.

By having a regular meeting with Dawn, I made a lot of progress. We got into a rhythm of working together.

  • We’d review what happened over the previous week.
  • She’d help me brainstorm ideas and possibilities for what should happen next.
  • We’d consider the options and choose the right steps for ME.
  • She’d provide my path for the week; tasks I could complete or people I should connect with - along with tools or documents to help me execute.

Dawn brought structure and an organized process. She would crystallize, distill and organize. I would execute. Each week’s work dove-tailed into the next and together we made progress quickly.

And yet, it wasn't a cookie cutter program. Everything we did was customized to me and my business. She has a great deal of sensitivity to whom she’s working with - she knows just the right resources and techniques to support me.

Dawn is authentic and genuine. She puts her heart and soul into her work.

I feel lucky to have the chance to work with her. If I could, I’d have her working alongside me everyday. She brings positive energy, reminds me of what I’m doing well, and generally creates a warm, encouraging, and safe environment that I can’t help but thrive in. I feel stronger with Dawn by my side.

Miriam R.

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